Sunday, October 11, 2009

Credit card, Free Books, Aloo da paratha, massive cleaning, Chicken Rezala, and DDLJ with French Vanilla Coffee!!!!!

An eventful day in every way,
that started with a touch of snow flakes...
Going to the bank with friends in the cold..
Credit card, quarters, checkbook and book-sales

Lunch was a ton of gala n fun,
with mehnat on the atta and the aloo-mashing
we fried the stuff in ghee with a screwd up face by me,
But relished the meal in a pepped up gathering

There came a lull phase after that,
Where assignment went right over-head
I tried n tried but Oh I couldnt read,
And so decided to try being a little 'home-bred'

The kitchen, the floor, the utensils n all,
The scrubbing and mopping and dusting through,
A rearrangement of the dishwasher stuff,
And then a chance to sigh n say 'phew'

With the kitchen clean came out my cooking spree
And out popped a customized chicken dish
My debut in cooking a non-veg item,
And it turned out to be one everyone did relish!

How to end the day in the best way,
what better than my favourite film,
DDLJ with Kajol n SRK,
And French Vanilla Coffee, full of lather n cream :)

As I retire to bed with a smile on my face
I say to myself it was a good day
When friends make you smile and you feel at peace,
I tell myself, I want to do this everyday.

I know I can't do poetry for nuts,
But im still going ahead and trying my wits
Its 3 am in the morning and Im half brain dead,
So I'll sum up by sayin...

CC, FB, ADP, MC, CR, DDJL n FVC are acronyms which come out of the mind of a sleepy brainless good for nothing piece of disconnected candy coated cockroachy creature who is babbling like a bunch of big berzerk baboons...and you guys are wasting your time reading this...

THE BOTTOM LINE IS I HAD A VERY SATISFYING DAY !!!! I guess you got the point....ok m sleeping....



Sweet dreams...

Ok why am i saying this to u, it might be day time...

See what I mean....

I should really go...

Ok then....


hope tomorrow is also as....


Monday, October 5, 2009

Identity Crisis?

Its amazing how one tries so hard to be someone he/she is not.

I am in the USA now, and there is something I have observed very strongly here. Students, fresh undergrads coming from my country, have this absolutely annoying tendency to try to roll their tongues in and out while speaking. Ok guys, seriously, you can't get the accent! And why do you have to try to do so? For heaven's sake has anyone seen any other nationality try to do that? Take Italians, or Brits...they stick to their accent. And the Americans try to adopt it, and even find it 'exotic n nice'...but our case no! We are 'ashamed' of our accents...and so we try to speak the 'All Cool American Language'. Guys come on, we've studied in English medium schools, there is no such thing as the correct pronunciation. All over the world people are communicating with their respective English accents...even non-English speaking countries. If we have a touch of 'Hindi or Tamil or Punjabi or Bengali' to our English accents, so what!!! Don't Greek and Spanish and Middle-eastern people have an influence of their language in their English? If they can't understand what we are saying, they never will if we don't stick to our way. Let them try. We are not stupid, and their way is not 'correct'. Its absolutely ok to be different and to be respected for the difference. If you are confident about it, people will automatically try to understand you. You don't have to say 'Raaut' for route or 'Caayn't' for can't. And its perfectly understandable if you say 'How are you' instead of 'Howz it goin' and 'Bye' instead of 'Laderrrr'....Big deal! Initially they'll find it weird, but they'll understand and thats what matters, communication! Just because you have come to this country doesn't mean you try so hard to change your ways. You can completely make do with what you have learnt throughout your education so far.

If you observe, the professors who teach you all have amazing presentation skills, and speak coherently without silly and distracting body movements. If you have to adopt something, adopt that. I have noticed that the TA's (graduate students who teach in classes) mostly speak to themselves in a tone which is meant for casual conversation. And that is what you guys try to adopt! I agree that it makes it easier for them to understand if we modify our ways a bit, but just a bit. Not whole words and sentences and intonations and body language! Trust me guys, by trying to copy their exclamations and jargons, you end up looking nothing but stupid. To them its gonna sound fine n easy and you would think you are being cool, but come out of your shoes for once, and look at yourself. Is this really you? Would you think or speak to yourself in this fashion? Or is it just a show? If it is, then...seriously, are you not happy about the way you are? What's the need for this idiotic masking of your true self?

Think about it guys, really...its not very different from going through identity crisis, the only difference being, you don't realise you are fighting with yourself. Remember one thing, you are not anything lesser than these people, and hence, you don't have to be someone you are not in order to mingle with them. You can be here, and be yourself. Trust me, you might initially be mocked at, but you are better off being mocked at by people who don't know you than by those who do know you...

A note to the generous ones...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please read on, at your own risk ;) And feel free to scold, advise, comment, reprimand, praise or just simply say 'hmm' :)