Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something struck me today!

Im quite a lazy person by nature, especially when it comes to waking up from sleep. Oh god, I don't know what comes over me, but I just cannot wake up, even if I know its the most important thing for me. Some evil voice says, "sleep is more important", and starts feeding in all sorts of ideas for excuses to avoid waking up!

I was just going through my mailbox to see loads of events happening in the university, one of them being, attending a workshop which I would like to attend. And then I thought, 'I dont have the time, I am a research student, I would have to be in lab all the time'. True, very true, but what is the other thing I CAN compromise on to do these things I like to do?


This is the time, this is the last chance I have, my final years as a STUDENT, and I HAVE to make the most out of it. I can catch up on sleep later, oh Im sure of that...

A new horizon, and Im at it!!!!

:) :) :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

An eventful day

Yesterday was eventful. I discussed something with my mom which I had been waiting for for many months now, maybe even years. But then, even though the outcome of the discussion seemed positive, I am not left with a good feeling. The unrest prevails. Why are some decisions in life so tough to make? I just wish there was someone to hold my hand, walk along with me and guide me...I just want to know where I am heading, focus on that and not fray and sway, and just not worry anymore!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

From June to September in 10 minutes...

And yes its been ages, I know...so muchhhhhh has happened, and has been happening that its practically impossible to pen it down here now. I would be spending the next 2 weeks if I were to pen every detail here, and honestly, time is what I don't have now :(

So why have I suddenly peeped into the blog world again? Well for one thing I didn't wanna abandon my blog..and well...lets say, I am in a moment of joblessness for about 10 minutes! Gosh, what a reason to blog right?! But to be honest, its really difficult to get myself to write when I know I can't write at length.

I am in a whole new continent now, spending my daily life in a new environment, amongst completely different people. I had never imagined I'd feel this way about being here. Its all so new! But...I miss my old friends...I miss the place I spent the last 4 years of my life...I miss the lab and I really miss my ex professor. Everything is different here. Its a challenge, and I am embracing it everyday. But not a single day comes when I don't miss what used to be...

But all said n done, this place is beautiful, and exciting cuz of the weather extremities. The department is good, and it feels good be back into research and attending classes after a long time. I got a whole new set of Apple Products! The new MacBook Pro, the iPhone, and the IpodTouch! And Im totally pro mac now! Its just amazing! Moreover, I am revisiting the joys of long distance relations :)

Have made a new set of friends here, but of course I guess that time can never come back...its business more now :)

Ok my 10 mins are over now...I gt get back to what I was doing...but I just remembered that I missed the biggest point here...MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED!!! and i just cant believe it still...man!!!!!!!!

Love you sweetheart...wish u a very amazing wedded life! And I miss you a lot...

A note to the generous ones...

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